Small Steps to a Big Dream

Tianxia Yang, Executive Consultant

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EC Tianxia Yang’s inspiration for her Ambit business was from an unexpected person, her daughter. As a full-time mom, she made many career sacrifices. She wanted to change the narrative though. That first change started with taking control of her financial life. “I gave up many opportunities to achieve my dreams.” She knew things would be different though if she started her own business. She got her chance when she heard about the Ambit Opportunity. “My husband introduced me to my sponsor who has been a long-time Ambit Customer.” That introduction paved the way to what has now been a successful career for Tianxia.

The First Step
Tianxia learned out about Ambit and realized instantly that her life had changed. She and husband, Wai Chan, knew Ambit could help a lot of people. They were determined to reach as many people as they could. “At that moment, I knew that this was the turning point in my life,” she described once she understood the power of energy deregulation.

There were other challenges. “My biggest challenge was explaining to Customers that everyone can save money with the right ESCO.” She found ways to help overcome those objections. The biggest way was learning how to tell the Ambit story. “I researched energy deregulation and translated it into a language that every Customer feels comfortable with.” Then, she used her energy bill as evidence. Tianxia found this personal approach worked to show people the power of Ambit.

Moving Forward
Tianxia has discovered a few new things about herself since becoming an EC. She’s learned to use those newfound strengths to help others. “I help people understand the energy market and take them step-by-step so they can realize their dreams.” Those dreams are what keep her moving on. They also remind her of the things she’s learned and what she can pass on to New Consultants. “Do not doubt, persist, never give up and you will be successful eventually.” With a successful track record like Tianxia has had on her path to EC, we know she’ll be able to guide others in the pursuit of the same dream.

Five EC Pieces

Our “Why?”
I can work my business without missing every moment of my child’s growth.

Time spent working our Ambit business:  
3 to 4 hours per day

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?  
Help potential leaders to grow faster

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Market announcements and successful stories can motivate myself to establish new goals and directions

Thanks to the five SCs who helped us reach EC.
Caidi Luo , Lifen Chen, Guo Qiang Wang, Yuexian Zheng, and Hui Chen

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