So Much to Do, So Little Time

Julia & Emerson Fuentes, Executive Consultant

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Before joining Ambit, Julia worked in the banking industry and Emerson was a personal trainer. With three daughters and two sons, trying to divide their time was a challenge, and they were looking to simplify their lives. Julia had experience in network marketing before Ambit but had never seen significant success. However, she always believed it could work.

Julia and Emerson wanted to spend more time with their family, but also needed something that would provide them with extra income. When Joshua Duncan introduced Emerson to the Ambit Opportunity, he was hesitant about joining. It took him three months to finally agree.

A Strong Support System

Initially, Julia didn’t want to be a Consultant, but she was supportive of Emerson and signed up as one of his Customers. Julia’s family was unsure about Ambit, but Emerson’s family and the Duncans provided the support she needed to feel confident about stepping into the Opportunity. “I became more open to the business because I saw the support system that was in place,” she says.

While Ambit provided the Fuentes’ with extra income and support, it gave them what they wanted most: time to spend with their family and be there for life’s important moments. Julia was able to quit her job, and Emerson was able to be by his father’s side before he passed away. “We are thankful because that time was priceless to us.”

Room for Growth

The Fuentes’ want to continue to grow their business in their local market in Houston, then expand around the world. “We believe our business will grow globally if we focus locally.”

They hope to continue in their success by becoming National Consultants, getting their Yellow Jackets and to keep moving up from there. Julia and Emerson want to encourage new Consultants to stay close to their leaders and like-minded people and to never be afraid to ask for help.

Five EC Pieces:

Our why:

Our Why is to continue to build a solid business that will keep paying us in the future and one that we can someday pass down to our kids.

Time spent working our Ambit business:

We spend every free moment working our business. Sometimes it might be 15 minutes a day, other days we might dedicate an hour or two.

What was your single most effective Success Tool, factor, or influence in growing your business?

Our most effective tool was the Success from Home magazine and one-on-one in person meetings.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:

Our favorite things about AMBITION is the positive culture, excitement, and stories. We also like getting to spend time with our team and like-minded people.

Thank you to the five SCs who helped us reach EC:

Jeremy Hennesy, Roy Burris, Aldridge Jack, Jared Burris, and Joel Burris

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