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Eddy & Joyce Rowton, Executive Consultant

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EC Eddy Rowton was introduced to Ambit Energy way back in October 2006 when his friend, (now EC) Chris Atkinson, was so broke he didn’t have enough money for gas to drive from Clear Lake City to Dallas for a meeting with NC Brian McClure and Ambit Energy Co-founder Chris Chambless. At the time, Eddy didn’t know much about Ambit, but when Chris (Atkinson) asked Eddy for a ride, they jumped into Eddy’s truck and drove to Dallas.

At that meeting, Eddy heard Brian present the Opportunity and met Chris Chambless. On the drive back to Houston, Eddy called his wife, Joyce, and said, “We’re going to get into the energy business!”

Eddy promoted to Executive Consultant working the business part-time. He’s still working at his full-time job in construction sales. You can work your Ambit business part-time for 600 days, Eddy’s friend NC Philip Eckart claims, and retire for the rest of your life. “I’ve seen that!” Eddy says. “In my full-time job, I have a lot of time, and now because of Ambit, I can see retirement coming real soon.”

Goals and good times
Eddy’s goal in joining Ambit was to get his wife retired from her career in the mortgage business. Now, one of his many achievable goals is to make his 12-year-old daughter’s dream come true. “She wants to go to Harvard and become a writer. With this opportunity, I believe I can do this!”

It’s not all about retirement and saving for college, though. “It’s not just about the money,” Eddy’s happy to say. “It’s about expanding your whole life! I have a whole lot of new friends now that I didn’t have before.” And along the way, Eddy and Joyce have had some fun. “We bought a Hummer! We had all this extra income so we bought one. And back in September my wife and I spent eight days in Costa Rica. While we were on the beach, the checks kept coming in!”

Leadership and growth
Joyce Rowton says, “This is bigger than what we both thought it was.” For Eddy and Joyce, customer counts are growing every day and Consultants continue to come on board. Eddy says, “We’re fortunate that the thing about Ambit is we have leaders who lead by example. They clear the path for us and show us what we can do if we just don’t give up. The things [Co-founder] Jere and Chris and the field leaders do are so encouraging. You know if you follow what they say and do, it will happen for you. I see it every day.

“Steve, Brian, Carlos… if they can do it, we can do it,” he says, referring to National Consultants Steve Thompson, Brian McClure and Carlos Marin. “I remember when I had two customers. Now I have over a thousand. I know some people have 12,000 customers!”
Eddy has special thanks for Ambit Energy Co-founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless, and for the field leaders who have helped him succeed - Brian McClure, Steve Thompson, Chris Atkinson and Philip Eckart. He’s also thankful and appreciative of the great work his team is doing. SC Kenny Barzilla, SC Mike and Shelly Taylor and SC John Dew, who served in Iraq with the U.S. Marine Corps. Eddy almost didn’t bring in the first SC in his organization. He almost pre-judged his friend SC Randy Irwin as not being right for the business. “Randy’s brought in hundreds of people, and three of the five SCs that got me promoted are on his team,” Eddy says with pride.

Advice for new Consultants: Teamwork!
A career salesman who can “sell anything to anybody,” Eddy says this business is different - not as much like selling as it is like teaching and presenting with a team. “This is more of a team effort, like in football - one person can’t win alone. If you use your team, you’ll be successful. If you go it alone, it will be very difficult.” He says, “Make a list. Let us help you with this.” He continues, “Stick it out. You can’t quit. Sure it’s easy to walk away from, but you can’t do it!”

Eddy advises that when you’re recruiting a prospect, ask them to look at the business with an open mind. Then ask them what they think. He says when you first join the business, “Don’t go out and try to sell this to everyone. Lean on your upline.” He says that some new Consultants get all excited and “say too much and don’t know enough,” and that leads to “no” answers.

Finally, this piece of advice from Eddy is consistent with so many other successful Ambit Consultants’ who have said, “Go to meetings. Go to all the trainings.”

Eddy Rowton is proof that you can promote yourself to Executive Consultant leadership status working your Ambit business only part-time. Eddy’s parting shot? “We’ll see you at the top!”

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