We Hope for This to be Our Sole Profession

Chad & Kim Pechacek, Executive Consultant

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The Pechacek’s journey towards embracing the Ambit Opportunity has been an interesting one.

Prior to having children, Kim worked as a nutritionist and personal trainer. Once she became a mother, Kim was able to rely on Chad’s paint-less dent removal business and become a stay-at-home mom. While Kim was grateful for the opportunity to stay at home with her children, she missed contributing and having some financial independence.

“I started working for a friend in his start-up company and wasn’t being compensated for my work for eight months,” said Kim, who was being promised many things – none of which were being fulfilled.

When Kim’s brother-in-law, Damien, introduced the business to them in 2007, Kim and Chad weren’t interested. At the time, Chad was extremely busy running his own business.

Four years later, the couple couldn’t help but notice the success Damien had achieved and decided to hop on board.

“We made it fairly quickly to Senior Consultant and started to see the real potential,” said Kim. “We were getting compensated nicely for our work. This is when we realized that Ambit is where we belong!”

Ambit far exceeded expectations
When Kim and Chad first started their Ambit business, they saw it as a Plan B.

“Chad works with his hands all day, so if he were ever injured we would be out of luck,” said Kim. “We wanted to build something that could replace that income if ever need be.”

“We are also very big on spending time as a family, so of course financial freedom was huge to us,” Kim said.

The Pechacek’s were able to build a new home this year, something they weren’t expecting to do anytime soon. The family’s plan is for Ambit to eventually become their Plan A.

“We hope for this to be our sole profession,” said Kim. “Enjoy life and family, but stay plugged in, motivated and represent.”

Others are now seeing the Ambit light
Despite dealing with some negativity from friends and family, neither Chad nor Kim was phased by that pessimism. 

“We just decided to dig in, keep each other motivated and stay optimistic regardless,” said Kim.

They have been with Ambit for three years now. As the Pechacek’s have progressed with their Ambit business, the opinion of others has become increasingly more positive.

Now friends and family alike are seeing the success the Pechacek’s have achieved. Kim and Chad will be the first to tell you they couldn’t have done it without the support of their team.

“Whether it’s a three-way call, training, or contacting a potential Consultant for our Consultant – one of us is always attending a meeting, checking in and motivating,” said Kim. “You definitely have to have teamwork in order to succeed!”

Ambit has helped bring out some hidden strengths in both Kim and Chad as well. While both are very social, they have each become stronger leaders, more positive and more confident thanks to Ambit.

Kim and Chad have very simple and straightforward advice for new Consultants: Regardless of what others might say or think, stay true to yourself. Keep your head down and just go for it!

“The results you were looking for will show,” said Kim.

My “Why”:
Having financial freedom! Not having to answer to anybody else, getting to enjoy family and life!

Time spent working our Ambit business:
We work our Ambit business about an hour a day.

The single most effective success tool, factor or influence for growing our business:
We definitely have a lot of motivation and support from our upline, a hardworking downline and are using tools and training our team developed. Ambit leaders in the business are very supportive regardless of whose team you are on.

My favorite thing about AMBITION:
The energy of a bunch of people coming together for the same purpose cannot be explained in words.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Brad Ignash, Jason Sedillo, James Donald, Ruslan Barabolkin and Brent Moore.

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