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Pablo & Telana Nieves, Executive Consultant

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Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, Pablo witnessed plenty of violence. From a very young age, Pablo has had the desire to help others – which eventually brought him to a career of firefighting. Currently, Pablo is a professional firefighter with the City of Rochester, NY. He has also operated several successful businesses throughout his career, including: snowplow removal, private security advisor and a stint as a musician.

Telana grew up in a military family, which gave her the opportunity to live in many different countries and states, including: Japan, England, Pennsylvania and California. After graduating from college, Telana worked as a sales representative, stock broker, government account executive and vice president of marketing for various companies. For the past 15 years, Telana worked in New York as a senior marketing specialist in the economic development department for the City of Rochester.

One fateful day, a snow plow customer of Pablo’s tapped him on the shoulder, gave him a DVD and asked him to watch it. When Pablo and Telana saw the DVD, they decided to go to a business presentation. The couple recognized that the Ambit Opportunity could help them get in control of their financial future, and they quickly decided to join together.

We wasted no time
As soon as Pablo and Telana joined Ambit, they immediately started calling their friends and family to ask them to be customers.

“In the first three days, we had 17 customers and had triggered a bonus in the amount of $300,” said Pablo. “We knew the business worked.”

The couple continued to gather more customers, while inviting more and more people to take a look. They had their initial investment back within a few weeks and were promoted to RC within a month.

“The money we started making with our business helped us with our first ‘Why’ of relieving the stress of living paycheck to paycheck,” said Telana. “We know that our Ambit business is a blessing from God.”

When Pablo and Telana started their Ambit business, Pablo was still working as a professional firefighter – while juggling four other businesses and part-time jobs to make ends meet. After working on his Ambit business for just eight months, Pablo was able to replace those incomes. He is now able to concentrate on his full-time job as a professional firefighter along with his Ambit business.

While working full-time for the City of Rochester, Telana was contemplating starting a marketing consultant business just to help out financially. Ambit came along just in time. After working Ambit part-time for 19 months, she was on the path to replace her income and was able to retire early from her job with the city.

We converted many of our friends
“Some of our friends, family and colleagues were initially skeptical when we started,” said Telana, “and, in some instances, actually quite negative.”

However, as Pablo and Telana were promoted and achieved success over the past two years, some of their family and friends joined the business. Other friends who were initially skeptical have even called and asked if they could be customers, then went on to refer other customers to Pablo and Telana!

“As Executive Consultants, we will continue to focus on helping many Consultants on our team achieve their financial goals first,” said Pablo. “We foster a positive environment in which we encourage our team to maintain a positive attitude at all times, and to focus on helping others get what they want first.”

Looking forward, Pablo and Telana are working to qualify for the Five Star Trip and to help five MC’s in their EC code promote to EC. They would also like to help their team to promote to RC and SC, helping them to build a life changing residual income and help them to earn free energy.

“Take action in your business every day, stay positive, focus on your why, and never, ever give up,” advised Pablo.

Our “Why”:
To eliminate the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, getting out of debt, saving up for college for the kids, and being in control of our financial future.

Time spent working the Ambit business:
When we started working the business, we spent five hours each per week. Now we spend between 15 and 20 hours each per week.

What was your single most-effective Success Tool, factor or influence for growing your business?
Showing the DVD and getting a leader on the phone to do the three-way call and answer our prospects’ questions.

Name your favorite thing about AMBITION:
Being surrounded and trained by the most successful leaders within Ambit.

Thanks to the five SCs who helped in the journey to becoming an Executive Consultant:
Dr. Melody Cofield, Robert & Darthenia Moss, Pastor Sammie and Tonya Drayton, Pastor Wilbert & Celestine Harley, and George & Carrie West.

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