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Read about the incredible, life-changing journeys our Consultants have experienced all because of the exciting Ambit Opportunity. Submit your own story. We can’t wait to hear how Ambit has made the difference in your life.

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When Mark and Debi Dawson started their Ambit journey, they hoped that earning Free Energy would help them save their home from foreclosure. And their story only gets more inspiring from there.

Watch Mark and Debi Dawson, My Ambit Story

Lori Bricks’ decision to walk away from her corporate job and be a stay-at-home mom meant money was often tight. Then she discovered the Ambit Opportunity.

Watch Lori Bricks, My Ambit Story

See how Chris Niles uses the same determination that helped him overcome a life-changing injury to build his successful Ambit business.

Watch Chris Niles, My Ambit Story

For Martha Rivera, owning an Ambit business gives her the time and income she requires to care for her children, and to provide them with the extra therapies they need.

Watch Martha Rivera, My Ambit Story

Ambit Energy Executive Consultant Laura Mohr shares her emotional My Ambit Story at AMBITION 2013. Laura explains how she went from being unemployed to being financially free and able to help her parents through their retirement in just three years. Watch her moving story, and learn about her incredible journey to being a successful Consultant with Ambit.

Watch Laura Mohr, My Ambit Story

After graduating with a degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas, Jordan Buckingham had a bright future. Unfortunately, he also had a pretty substantial load of debt. Listen to how Ambit Energy not only set Jordan on the right track to debt-free living, but put him in the express lane to life-changing success.

Watch Jordan Buckingham, My Ambit Story

Shane and Jenn Martin had always relied on hard work and a tireless work ethic to secure their living. But after being sidelined by job loss and left with few options following a work injury, they felt hopeless and defeated. But, thanks to the persistence of a valued friend and Consultant, Shane and Jenn discovered a true Opportunity they can depend on and grow with for years to come.

Watch Shane and Jenn Martin, My Ambit Story

After devoting years in the construction field and struggling to make ends meet, Wesley Anderson heard about how Ambit could help him buy back his time and spend more time with those who mean the most to him. Listen as he explains how Ambit made a dramatic difference for him and his family, and his advice for anyone else who is thinking about making the journey.

Watch Wesley Anderson, My Ambit Story

With four daughters, the Cosgraves wanted a steady income without 60-hour work weeks and long commutes.

Watch Darren and Jenn Cosgrave, My Ambit Story

The Huntes had to be introduced to the Ambit Opportunity six times before they became Consultants. But once they saw results, they focused their efforts on their Ambit business.

Watch Tim and Yolanda Hunte, My Ambit Story

Friends think the Queens love hard work. The truth is they hate to be broke. Learn how Ambit has helped them achieve their goals and how it helped them achieve financial freedom.

Watch Steve and Erika Queen, My Ambit Story

Ambit Energy Senior Consultant Brian Jones shares his emotional My Ambit Story at AMBITION 2013. Brian explains the integral role his mother has played in his will to succeed, and the impact his "Why" has made throughout his journey. Watch his moving story, and learn more about his path to success with Ambit.

Watch Brian Jones, My Ambit Story

Ambit Energy Executive Consultant Joseph Derby shares his emotional My Ambit Story at AMBITION 2013. Joined on stage by his wife Josie, the couple explained the journey to embracing the Ambit Opportunity, and their nearly-completed goal of achieving financial freedom. Watch their moving story, and learn about their path to success with Ambit.

Watch Joseph Derby, My Ambit Story

After 16 rewarding years traveling the world as a flight attendant, Rainey Matthews was devastated when doctors told her that a sudden, traumatic injury would mean the end of the freedom and mobility. But after setting her mind to defy the odds, Rainey channeled her strength and determination to her Ambit business. Listen as she tells how Ambit helped re-launch her future, restore her power and shatter all expectations.

Watch Rainey Matthews, My Ambit Story

Tirza Johnson and Tim Jones had been good friends for years. So when Tim heard she had seized the Ambit Opportunity, he was determined to intervene and prevent her from making an expensive, time-consuming mistake. But once he opened his eyes to the full scope of possibilities through deregulated power, the two joined forces and started working toward establishing a legacy of wealth for their families. Listen to their stories.

Watch Tirza Johnson and Tim Jones, My Ambit Story