One of Florida’s finest resorts was our destination for our 2011 Five-Star Club trip. Here, our Consultants enjoyed an island tour, special dining, a deep sea fishing expedition and many other fun vacation adventures. You can see just how much everyone enjoyed themselves in the photo gallery.

Pictures from Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne Winners

Bob Granger
Cesar Baffoni
Chanan Oxenhandler
Chris Muncy
Clint Hummel
Edward Williams
Gregory Henzel
Isaac Neuwirth
John Haas
Kent Hansen
Olga & Shimon Kaylyakov
Rafael Ramirez
Regina Gail
Richard M. Schloss
Rigoberto YEPEZ
Runee Harris
Shamim & Mahbub Hossain
Sharon Kendall
Shawn Cornett & Damien Pechacek
Tim & Missy Ulinger
Wilson Montoya

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