The fall 2013 Five-Star trip took place in the beautiful scenery of Lake Tahoe. Five-Star Consultants had a blast horseback riding, boating around the lake, testing their luck at the casino, roasting S’mores and enjoying a Five-Star Dinner with Chris Chambless and Jere Thompson Jr. This trip featured some great fun and, most importantly, great people. Check out the amazing time everyone had via the video and photo gallery.

Pictures from Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Winners

Ari & Barbara Ben
Dave Wilkerson
Duane & Kathleen Fetherbay
Dundy Aipoalani
Henry Ye
Jake Ensign
James & Julie Brosious
Jim & Kim Mason
John Haas
Julius & Shellie Weems
Justin & Sara Ledford
Khaled Qureshi
Mark Guerra
Maria L. Sanchez
Rick & Jennifer Vahl
Shawn Cornett & Damien Pechacek
Steve & Connie Sunday
Syed Taqvi
Tim & Missy Ulinger

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