Historic, beautiful Puerto Rico was our port-of-call for the Fall, 2012 Five-Star Club trip. Here, surrounded by clear Caribbean seas, lush tropical forests and warm sandy beaches, our group enjoyed golf, fine dining, lazing on the beach and all the other activities and amenities a leading resort could offer. Review the photo galleries to see how everyone enjoyed their reward for their hard work.

Pictures from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Winners

Ari & Barbara Ben-Yishay
Cesar & Sonia Baffoni
Chanan Oxenhandler
Dave Wilkerson
Dundy Aipoalani
Gabriela Aldrete
Isaac Neuwirth
James & Julie Brosious
James & Kim Mason
Jie Viviano
John Haas
Mark Guerra
Olga & Shimon Kaylyakov
Rigoberto Yepez
Shaun Roberts
Shawn Cornett & Damien Pechacek
Stephen Daire
Tim & Missy Ulinger
Wilson Montoya

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