“The Life I Thought I’d Never Have”

Glenda Farmer, Executive Consultant

Glenda Farmer Headshot

After working as a hairdresser for 25 years, Glenda Farmer decided it was time to start her own business. So in 1993, she signed up to do network marketing for a major telecommunications provider.

Things went well for about six years, and then Glenda decided to try starting her own candle company. But in 2004, all of her work dealings took a backseat to health concerns.

“I was diagnosed with colon cancer,” says Glenda, who didn’t let it slow her down. “But I went through my treatment, and during recovery I got involved with a cosmetics company that also used network marketing.”

In 2006, former colleague Steve Thompson put new Consultant (and current SC) O.L. Spencer in touch with Glenda’s son Corey about Ambit Energy. Corey said “call my mom – she’ll do anything!”

Coincidentally, Glenda had been investigating Stream Energy for a couple of years due to her interest in energy deregulation. “This was the call I had been waiting for,” recalls Glenda. “I signed up for Ambit right away. And two weeks later, I sponsored Corey in my regional code – and the rest is history.”

Glenda had worked with several other Ambit business owners in the past – including Ronny Kirkland, Lane Winslett, Brian McClure, Steve Thompson and even Co-Founder Chris Chambless.

“The trust factor was important to me,” she says. “I recognized that this was a company with integrity.”

After dealing with colon cancer, Glenda realized that she wanted to ensure a secure retirement. And she wasn’t confident that Social Security would be able to provide a decent living.

“I knew that Ambit was something I could do, and that if I worked hard at it for a few years, I’d have my retirement.”

Most of her family and friends understood her desire to get involved with Ambit. “Some of them said ‘here goes Mom again.’ Although some of them wish they had gotten into the business when I did, most of them are proud of me.”

Although she says it’s “part ime,” Glenda works Ambit every day. She set up an Ambit Training Center in Abilene that’s open 5½ days a week, and holds meetings throughout west Texas on various days of the week.

“I feel like I’m on track, but if I had listened to Steve Thompson, I would have done it faster,” admits Glenda. She did learn early in her career with Ambit to build leaders. “I have a very strong team of leaders, with a large group of Regional Consultants and a strong core of Senior Consultants. At any given time, my Seniors are willing to help others – because we care greatly about each others’ success.”

“Without this team of leaders, I wouldn’t be in my position today.”

Glenda advises new Consultants to learn “everything you can” about the business, and to “stay focused on what you’re doing.”

She feels that a great way to get to know Ambit is to attend the annual Ambition event. “I’ve been to all of them,” says Glenda. “And I always encourage everyone to attend – even if only for one day. Almost all of my Senior Consultants in my downline attended last year.”

“I find it very important for their success, as well as my own!”

Because of Ambit, Glenda has the freedom to spend quality time with her grandchildren. “When they want something, I can actually be there for them.”

“I’ve purchased a new vehicle, and have since paid off my home,” says Glenda. “My husband retired. And I can go wherever I am needed at a drop of a hat.”

As she continues to build her business, Glenda is focused on teaching leadership and helping others achieve their promotions to Executive Consultant. “I want to help enlarge the training center and bring west Texas together. It feels like it’s a state of our own, and I have a lot of work to do here. West Texas has not even been touched – and it’s wide open!”

With her Ambit success, Glenda Farmer looks forward to even more fruitful years. “I’m enjoying the life I thought I’d never have.”

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